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Reviews From Sellers and Homeowners

My wife and I really enjoyed reading this book. I especially love the four strategies to increase the value of your home without spending any money on improvements.

Brian Walker

If you don't read this book, it is highly unlikely to get all you can get from selling your home. Amazing.

Joseph Lapin

A must-read. A great book for sellers struggling to sell their home. I wish I had found this book earlier.

Maria Manoli

This book saved my family. My husband lost his job and we couldn't pay our mortgage. The bank gave us sixty days before repossessing our three-bedroom villa. We followed the actionable steps found in this book. We sold our home within five days without losing any money. We used the balance to buy a two-bedroom apartment. If you are buying or selling a home, you have to buy this book.

Anne Neish

Oh my God. This book saved me €30,000 euro. I was trying to sell my home with different agents for over one year. No one told me the things I found in this book.

Harry Michael

I lost 21,000 euro when I sold my home. I could have avoided all the losses if I knew about this book. There is no other book like this on the market for property sellers. The book is a great distillation of wisdom and experience.

Steve Royball

Full List Of Chapters Included In The Book

Chapter 1: The simple rule that helps you foretell the future

Chapter 2
: The two categories of home buyers

Chapter 3
: Two essential questions to ask yourself before selling your home

Chapter 4:
A secret revealed by a Greek philosopher 2,400 years ago

Chapter 5:
The paradox: The Internet and the ‘end’ of estate agents

Chapter 6: Seven reasons for using an estate agent

Chapter 7: How to identify the best-performing agents in your area

Chapter 8: The two main reasons why people buy anything

Chapter 9: The home seller’s dilemma: Time or money

Chapter 10: How to price your home to attract the highest offers

Chapter 11: How to achieve a quick sale without leaving money on the table

Chapter 12: How to measure the probability of your home selling

Chapter 13: Why estate agents work on a percentage-based commission

Chapter 14: Why most sellers fail to price their home right

Chapter 15: Four strategies for increasing your home’s market value

Chapter 16: How to reduce your currency exchange risk

Chapter 17: What to do when the relationship with your bank goes south

Chapter 18: Five marketing hacks to generate more home buyer enquiries

Chapter 19: Selling is like preparing for exams: Tips for getting a high score

Chapter 20: Two strategies that will double your chances of receiving an offer

Chapter 21: A tested method for creating the ‘wow’ factor during property showings

Chapter 22: Four mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Chapter 23: Six highly effective negotiation strategies that get you the best deal

Chapter 24: What to do if your home is sold faster than you expected

Chapter 25: How to recover if your sale falls through

Chapter 26: What to do if you aren’t getting the buyer interest you want

Chapter 27: What to do if your home isn’t ‘moving’ even if your price is right

Chapter 28: The characteristics of hard-to-sell houses and how to get rid of them

Chapter 29: The home of the future

Chapter 30: Putting things off is the biggest waste of life

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Physical Book

€ 30.00 EUR

Order On Amazon